Face-To-Face Fabric Collage Coaching

Using internet conferencing (Skype), I'll review an in-progress piece, answering your questions and making helpful suggestions. If you've started a fabric collage quilt from one of my books or in one of my classes, this personal session will give you the inspiration and advice to finish that project.


Above: What you see. I will draw on your image as you watch to show you exactly
which areas and pieces of fabric I'm referring to.
(In-progress quilt by Darlene Determan)

Above: What you get. After your online consultation, the image I've marked up is returned to you. Here I've drawn red lines to suggest changes to the ear, the forehead, leg and trunk.

How It Works

Step 1: Email me to schedule the date and time of your 1/2 hour coaching session. 


Step 2: Once you've confirmed with me and paid for your session, email me your phone number and Skype name, along with good, high-resolution photos of your in-progress piece. I suggest an overall photo, one or more detail photos, and a photo of the image you are basing the piece on. I will then set up the screen with the photos provided.


Step 3: Before your session, I'll call you to establish a Skype link. Once the link is established, your half hour session will start. During the half hour, you will be able to ask questions by pointing out trouble areas on your piece. As I respond, I will also circle or highlight areas--including individual pieces of fabric--that either are working well or need work. We will both be able to see the same screen at the same time!

Step 4: The highlighted images plus a check-list of points we discussed will then be emailed back for you to refer to as you continue to work on your piece. 



Webcam--set to display your quilt on a working surface or wall

Skype--a basic knowledge of this free software

High-speed Internet



$75 per half hour session


To Schedule a Session

Email Susan